Tips for Summer Pet Care — It does make a difference!

Although technically summer is not here according to the calendar, it sure feels like the dog days of summer are in full swing! With the warmer weather come reminders for extra special pet care in the heat.  Your dog and cat need special attention during the warm summer months… remember they’re wearing a fur coat that they can’t take off! Make sure your pet is well hydrated.  One of the biggest mistakes humans make (for ourselves as well!) is not to provide enough water for our pet.  They need more during the hot summer months, so always make sure that plenty of clean, fresh drinking water is available — especially if you’re traveling.  Plan ahead and bring a few bottles of water and a shallow plastic dish so that you can provide it quickly and easily, and then remember to do it.  Also, here’s something we learned just recently: streets and sidewalks get VERY hot from the sun and can burn the sensitive pads located on the bottom of a dog or cat’s foot.  Local veterinarians are reporting animals being brought in with burnt pads which do heal, but it’s slow and painful for your animal.  Finally – PLEASE do not leave an animal in a closed up car… not even for 5 minutes.  Crack at least two windows to allow air to flow through and remember that it takes only a few minutes for a car to literally turn into an oven and bake whatever’s inside of it.  Don’t do that to your precious pet and take precautions.  Better yet — on a really hot day, leave Fido or Fluffy at home!  

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