Peachtree City Shred Fest 2012

Looking for ways to help protect your identity?  Shredding old bills and statements is one great step.  On August 25, the Peachtree City Police, Staples, and Iron Mountain, will be hosting the 2012 Shred Fest in the parking lot of Staples (225 Marketplace Connector).  All Peachtree City residents are invited to bring any documents they need shredded.  To help ensure that this event benefits as much of the community as possible, we are asking that only individual households and private citizens bring their documents.  All document shredding will be completed on-site at the time of drop-off.  Items that will not be accepted are:  plastics, CDs, floppy discs, electronics, large binders with metal rings/clips, batteries, electrical cords, phone books, newspapers, magazines, wet paper, paper clips, magnets, and metal objects.

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