Keeping an Eye on Isaac

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac is expected to make landfall next week, and depending on the track, could bring severe weather (including tornados and flooding) to this area as early as Monday.  Monitor local news or sites such as to  stay informed about  the course of the storm.   

Tornado Sirens: When Do Sirens Sound?

  1. Sirens will sound during a Tornado WARNING issued for  Fayette County by the National Weather Service.
  2. Sirens will sound during a Severe Thunderstorm WARNING issued for Fayette County by the National Weather Service with winds of greater than 80 MPH or hails greater than 2.5 inches in diameter. (Sirens will no longer during thunderstorm WARNINGS while under a tornado WATCH unless the warning meets the above criteria)  
  3. Sirens will sound when a confirmed visual sighting of a tornado is made by a creditable source.  
  4. In recreational areas a verbal warning message only from the 911Center will be made for Significant Weather Alerts and severe thunderstorm WARNINGS. No tone will be associated with the verbal message.   

When sirens sound, take shelter.

For more information on local emergency management, preparing for emergencies, and more, visit the Fayette County page at and

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