Houses of Worship

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Denomination Name Street Address City Phone Website
AME Flat Rock A M E Church 148 Old Chappel Ln Fayetteville 770-461-0283
AME Flipper Chappel A M E 175 Booker Ave Fayetteville 770-719-8722
AME Holly Grove A M E Church Holly Grove Drive Fayetteville 770-631-7650
Anglican All Saints Anglican Church 303 Kelly Drive, Suite 10 Peachtree City 770-486-5374
Assembly of God Calvary Temple Assembly Of God 202 Robinson Rd Peachtree City 770-461-0283
Assembly of God Cathedral Of Praise Assembly Of God Hwy 16 Brooks Brooks 770-599-6805
Assembly of God Fayette Assembly Of God 1144 Hwy 92 S Fayetteville 770-719-0322
Baptist Antioch Baptist Church 110 Woolsey Brooks Rd Fayetteville 770-461-8270
Baptist Bethlehem Baptist Church 475 Dividend Dr Peachtree City 770-631-0267
Baptist Braelinn Baptist Church 777 Robinson Rd Peachtree City 770-487-6691
Baptist Crestwood Baptist Church 734 Senoia Rd Tyrone 770-487-4852
Baptist Dogwood Church 975 Hwy 74 South Tyrone 770.487.6691
Baptist Edgefield Baptist Church 140 Church Street Fayetteville 770-461-7388
Baptist Fayette Baptist Church 152 Longview Rd Fayetteville 770-461-3539
Baptist Fayette Presbyterian Church USA 791 Hwy. 92 N Fayetteville 770-461-7147
Baptist First Baptist Church of Fayetteville 205 Stonewall Avenue Fayetteville
Baptist First Baptist Church of Tyrone 305 Arrowood Drive Tyrone
Baptist First Baptist Church Peachtree City 208 Willow Bend Rd Peachtree City 770-487-8133
Baptist Flat Creek Baptist Church 161 Flat Creek Trail Fayetteville 770-487-4890
Baptist Flint Ridge Baptist Church Hwy. 85 Fayetteville 770-461-8742
Baptist F’ville First Baptist Church 205 E. Stonewall Ave. Fayetteville
Baptist Grace Baptist Church 1810 Hwy 85 S. Fayetteville 770-461-5511
Baptist Greentree Baptist Church 414 Jenkins Road Fayetteville
Baptist Harp’s Crossing Baptist Church 1183 Hwy 92 S Fayetteville 770-461-5318
Baptist Heritage Community Baptist Church 150 Lester Rd Fayetteville 770-719-0662
Baptist Kenwood First Baptist Church 229 Kenwood Road Fayetteville 770-461-1326
Baptist Line Creek Baptist Church Hwy 54 Peachtree City 770-487-9453
Baptist Lisbon Baptist Church 1662 Highway 85 S Fayetteville 770-461-1583
Baptist McDonough Rd Baptist Church 352 McDonough Rd Fayetteville 770-460-5423
Baptist Mount Olive Baptist Church 192 Graves Rd Fayette Fayetteville 770-486-6526
Baptist National Heights Baptist Church 103 Old Norton Road Fayetteville
Baptist New Hope Baptist – South Campus Highway 74 South Peachtree City
Baptist New Hope Baptist Church 551 New Hope Rd Fayetteville 770-461-4337
Baptist North Fayette Baptist Church 409 Kenwood Road Fayetteville
Baptist Pine Grove Baptist Church 2479 Hwy 92 S. Fayetteville 770-719-8448
Baptist River’s Edge Community Church 1091 S Jeff Davis Dr Fayetteville 770-719-0303
Baptist Rock Baptist Church 1392 Sandy Creek Rd Fayetteville 770-964-4908
Baptist Rolling Hills Baptist Church 1481 Redwine Rd Fayetteville 770-719-1493
Baptist Sandy Creek Baptist Church 1082 Sandy Creek Rd Fayetteville 770-964-9691
Baptist Southside Baptist Church 1332 Hwy. 92 S. Fayetteville
Baptist Starr’s Mill Baptist Church 1592 Hwy 74 Fayetteville 770-719-7749
Baptist Trinity Fellowship Church 120 Commerce Cir Fayetteville 770-460-7724
Baptist Tyrone First Baptist Church 305 Arrowood Rd Tyrone 770-487-4385
Baptist Whitewater Baptist Church 632 Hwy 85 Fayetteville 770-719-7520
Baptist Wilksgrove Baptist Church 182 Senoia Road Peachtree City 770-631-0591
Baptist Woolsey Baptist Church 115 Hampton Rd Fayetteville 770-461-9618
Catholic Holy Trinity Catholic Church 101 Walt Banks Rd Peachtree City 770-487-7672
Catholic Catholic Church of St Gabriel 135 Antioch Rd Fayetteville 770-461-0492
Charismatic Integrity Christian Fellowship Church 115 Commerce Cir Fayetteville 770-716-0450
Charismatic Olivet Baptist Church Of Christ 1685 Hwy 314 N Fayetteville 770-460-6656
Christian Brooks Christian Church Hwy 85 Fayetteville 770-719-8008
Christian Community Christian Church 349 Kenwood Road Fayetteville 770-460-9745
Christian Fayetteville Christian Church 114 Hickory Rd Fayetteville 770-461-8763
Christian F’ville Church of Christ 870 Redwine Road Fayetteville
Christian Grace Evangelical Church 164 Flat Creek Trail Fayetteville
Christian Heritage Christian Church 2130 Redwine Road Fayetteville 770-716-5768
Christian Kenwood Christian Church 1577 Hwy 85 S Fayetteville 770-461-1487
Christian New Beginning Praise & Worship Center 1091 S. Jeff Davis Dr. Fayetteville
Christian PTC Christian Church 500 Kedron Drive Peachtree City 770-487-9711
Church of Christ Peachtree City Church Of Christ 201 S Peachtree Pkwy Peachtree City 770-486-9246
Church of Christ Southern Crescent Church Of Christ 315 Dogwood Trail Tyrone 770-631-4094
Church of Christ Fayetteville Church of Christ 870 Redwine Rd. Fayetteville 770-461-3617
Church of Christ Church of Christ of Fayetteville 485 South Jeff Davis Fayetteville 770-461-9174
Church of God Fayetteville Church Of God 895 Hwy 85 S Fayetteville 770-461-6235
Church of God Church Of God Prophecy 1000 Hwy 54 W Fayetteville 770-460-5027
Church of God Fayetteville Church of God 200 Holly Avenue Fayetteville 770-461-1925
Episcopal Nativity Episcopal Church 130 Antioch Rd Fayetteville 770-460-6390
Episcopal St Andrews Episcopal Church 316 Petrol Pt Peachtree City 770-487-8415
Jehovah’s Witness E/W F’ville Congregation of Jehovah Witness 128 Lester Rd Fayetteville 770-461-8128
Latter Day Saints Church of Jesus Christ of LDS 140 Kathi Avenue Fayetteville 770-461-2765
Latter Day Saints Church of Jesus Christ of LDS 101 N Peachtree Parkway Peachtree City 770-631-4423
Lutheran Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church 257 Hwy 314 Fayetteville 770-461-3403
Lutheran St. Paul Lutheran Church 700 Ardenlee Pkwy Peachtree City 770-487-0339
Lutheran Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church 101 N Peachtree Pkwy Peachtree City 770-487-8717
Methodist Bethany UMC 607 Rivers Road Fayetteville
Methodist Brooks UMC 119 Morgan Mill Road Brooks 770-719-7593
Methodist Ebenezer United Methodist Church 680 Ebenezer Church Rd Fayetteville 770-631-0306
Methodist Fayetteville First United Methodist Church 170 E Lanier Ave Fayetteville 770-461-4313
Methodist Friendship United Methodist Church 1004 Hwy 314 Fayetteville 770-461-7360
Methodist Hopewell United Methodist Church 351 Jenkins Rd Tyrone Tyrone 770-306-7537
Methodist Inman United Methodist Church 153 Hillsbridge Rd Fayetteville 770-461-2123
Methodist Merrill Chapel UMC 430 S Jeff Davis Dr Fayetteville 770-461-2594
Methodist New Hope United Methodist Church Weldon Rd Fayetteville 770-461-6050
Methodist North Fayette UMC 847 New Hope Road Fayetteville
Methodist North Fayetteville United Methodist Church 847 New Hope Rd Fayetteville 770-461-2409
Methodist Providence United Methodist Church 592 Bernhard Rd Fayetteville 770-719-8800
Methodist PTC United Methodist Church 225 Robinson Road Peachtree City 770-487-6499
Non-denominational Agape Community Church 193 Johnson Avenue Fayetteville 770-460-8699
Non-denominational Grace Evangelical Church, Inc 164 Flat Creek Tr Fayetteville 770-487-0791
Non-denominational Harvest Family Church 406 Line Creek Drive Peachtree City 770-631-9955
Non-denominational Heritage Community Church 150 Lester Road Fayetteville 770-719-0662
Non-denominational New Beginning Praise & Worship Center 1091 S. Jeff Davis Dr. Fayetteville
Presbyterian – PCA Carriage Lane Presbyterian Church PCA 101 Carriage Lane Peachtree City 770-631-3465
Presbyterian – PCA Covenant Presbyterian Church 819 Hwy 314 Fayetteville 770-460-9450
Presbyterian – USA Fayetteville Presbyterian Church 791 Hwy 92 N Fayetteville 770-461-7147
Presbyterian – USA Covenant Presbyterian Church 819 Hwy 314 Fayetteville 770-460-9450
Presbyterian – USA First Presbyterian Church 206 Willow Bend Road Peachtree City 770-487-7757
Seventh Day Adventist Fayette Seventh Day Adventist Church 814 New Hope Rd Fayetteville 770-460-5904