Driver Safety Tip – Watch for Deer

Our wooded, natural environment in Peachtree City makes us especially attractive to wildlife. The young are active now, and the adult population becomes more active in September and October. It’s a good time for drivers to be more cautious to avoid accidents with deer, which are especially active during the hours around sunrise and sunset. Other safety tips to avoid deer collisions include: SLOW DOWN to give yourself time to react. Always wear a seatbelt to minimize injury from a collision. Watch for the shine of eyes along the roadside (use high beams if there is no oncoming traffic) and begin to slow when you spot them. Deer can become mesmerized by steady, bright lights so if you see one frozen on the road, slow down and flash your lights. Never swerve to avoid a deer in the road – it can cause more serious wrecks. Maintain control and brake to avoid the deer if possible. If you do hit a deer, call 911. Do not touch the animal, and contact your insurance agency as soon as possible to report any damage to our vehicle.

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